Stéphane Vassilopoulos, CR1 INSERM. Stéphane studied physics and chemistry at Joseph-Fourier University in Grenoble where he received his PhD in Cell Biology. He moved to UCSF in San Francisco as a post-doc in 2007 and became a tenured INSERM researcher in 2010.

Gilles Moulay, (Post-doc, INSERM). Gilles is a post-doc in the group since 2016. After his PhD in gene therapy at Généthon, Gilles left for a post-doc at the Mayo clinic (Rochester) where he worked with AAV transduction to heart. He is an expert in molecular biology and physiology and is currently working on the clathrin machinery in muscle.

Eline Lemerle, (PhD student). Eline joined the lab in October 2018 as our second PhD student, thanks to a PhD program fellowship from the French government. She is working on the role of caveolae in muscle.

Jeanne Lainé (electron microscopy specialist). Jeanne is an auto-entrepreneur specialized in thin-section conventional transmission EM.

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